Giessen School of Theology

The Giessen School of Theology (“Freie Theologische Hochschule” in German) is truly a unique place. It was founded by North American missionaries with a clear vision: to provide an evangelical alternative to the liberal theological education that has held reign in Germany for over 150 years. Since 1974 the Giessen School of Theology has been training and equipping men and women for ministry as pastors, missionaries and evangelists around the world.

Over 1000 graduates are now serving in churches and Christian organizations in Germany and as missionaries in over 40 countries. The Giessen School of Theology, which is the largest evangelical seminary in Germany, is a non-denominational institution with strong ties to the German Evangelical Alliance.

We offer fully accredited three-year B.A. and two-year M.A. degrees in theology (German language). We stand for excellence in teaching and academic research with a strong commitment to the inspiration and authority of Scripture. Currently, 15-full-time faculty members teach 130 students from various church backgrounds. Exegesis of the Bible in its original languages, expository preaching, church-planting, and missions are strongly emphasized in our curriculum. Daily chapel and guided ministry requirements round out the program. Students are also involved in spiritual formation and mentoring that contribute to the development of their character. We are convinced that this holistic approach will best prepare the next generation of Christian leaders to effectively minister in post-Christian Europe and light the spark of a new reformation in the land of Martin Luther.

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